Woodworking Hobby Or Profession For Profits

DIY enthusiasts, crafters, amateurs, and professional wood craftsmen should sit back and do a review of Wood Profits. If their hobby or professional wood project can make them in cold hard cash. There are many ways to make money with the projects you make. Online sales have rocketed for artisan wood crafted products. If you do not have a brick and mortar operation, Flea Markets have seen an upsurge of hand crafted wares because of various shows featuring Flea Markets and vendors. Word of mouth also can set you up with a steady stream of money you never knew you could make on something you may have thought of a hobby.

DIY Enthusiast

Do It Yourself-ers that fix and build dream furniture they just dreamt up that works may find that their friends also think this was a good design and looks great. If you have a project in mind you can probably find basic design plans online. So as not to reinvent the wheel use the plans and put in your unique point of view on the design and finish stage. What starts as a hobby can really bring in extra cash for that vacation you always wanted. Once your family and friends see your completed project you may be getting special orders for one just like yours.


Crafters are creating some of the most ingenious projects seen in years. With the surge of sites like Pinterest wooden wreaths, wooden pallet furniture, outdoor garden boxes, birdhouses and so much more ideas are listed on this particular site many times with directions for the project at no cost. Many crafters by pass the cutting out wood stage and purchase wooden cut outs or already assembled shell of a project that needs light or very little assembly. Birdhouses, Wooden boxes that can transform into jewel box or photo storage box, lighthouses, and coat racks are just a few of the shell project you can purchase already assembled. The crafter is into the painting and decoration that make this project one of a kind and marketable.


If you are new to woodworking some of the beginning projects like a cutting board, wooden storage boxes, wall hangings. Depending on if you also want to get into wood carving projects you may want to take some beginning woodworking classes. These classes begin with a basic history of wood, types of wood, tools you will need, and how to safely use tools. There are many books on the market for wood working projects, going to a bookstore and browsing through the Wood making section is a good idea. You may want to find an author that speaks your language. Some authors may be a little too technical for your liking, other may be too simplistic, and it will all depend on where you are with your experience as to what book is right for you.

Professional wood craftsmen

Professional Wood Craftsmen usually fall into the furniture making areas. Many make tables, chairs, hutches, bedroom furniture and more. If you are an individual professional craftsman selling through local furniture or online stores would be the direction you may want to take, unless you own your own shop and sell out of there. Online sales can be difficult because of shipping costs, but once you work out that detail your review of Wood Profits can be very lucrative. If you are at this stage of woodworking chances are you should have a business plan in place to help guide you on this journey.

What tools do I need may be the big question mark in your head, especially if you are new to this business.

The DIY Enthusiast needs some of the basics in tools. A circular saw and or a table saw, a drill and various drill bits and hole boring bits, a drill/driver, a sander a jigsaw and a good hammer or a compressor with a nail driving option. Also, a little wood glue or liquid nails will help in the long run. These basic tools can get you started, but screwdrivers, clamps and painting essentials for when you are in the home stretch to finish your project off will be needed.

Crafters favorite tools are mini hammers and glue, lots of glue if you are assembling the project. Pre-assembled projects require all the finishing touches that will include paint, several different types of brushes, decals, and special decorations to complete the look you are going for (Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, or special occasion decorations).

Amateur and Professional woodworkers need all the tools the DIY Enthusiast uses in addition to that need a better table saw, a lathe, band saw, coping saw, T-square and lots of clamps. Depending on your project you could need some additional items.

It is amazing, a review of Wood Profits and projects that can make you money if you open your mind to the possibilities. Full time or part-time hobbyists turn your love into wood profits.

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