A Beautiful Image of Some Crystalline Waterways & Manatees

Thanks for your visit to Surfbwa.org – we love water! I am just finishing up getting this website built up, and of course as you might imagine, I’m going to talk some about water. Water can be wild (think big surf and whitewater), and naturally it can be dangerous for those unprepared for it, but it can also be soothing and calm (think gorgeous lakes on a really calm day, or the ocean on a day so calm that paddle boarders feel like they’re on a lake). Also, flowing rivers where you can just get into a big ol’ inner tube and lazily float for a couple hours until you reach the take out, where your car is parked and waiting.

As you probably guessed, I like water. But honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to just talk about water. There are plenty of other things on my mind. I just happened to see some manatees recently, and I was so impressed at the gorgeous water they were hanging out in, so I wanted to share this picture of them at the St. John river in Florida at Blue Spring State Park. These animals are so calm and gentle, and don’t have a single predator.

I would like to remind my boating friends to be extremely cautious when they are traveling in the areas where these gentle marine animals live because it’s the boaters that seem to be causing the most injuries and deaths to the manatee.

Sorry for rambling – that happens with me sometimes. I’ll be back soon. Welcome!