Habits That Could Be Jeopardizing Your Health

We all aspire to be healthy so that we can feel good and have the capacity to do the things we want. However, what many of us may not be aware of is that we are sabotaging ourselves with habits that aren’t in our best interest. These may seem harmless at first glance but they actually contribute to problems that are building up in the background. If you are trying to be a better athlete but not getting the results you want, then you might want to evaluate your training strategies. If you are trying to lose weight to no avail, then some introspection may also be in order. Here are things that could be jeopardizing your health:

1. Consuming drinks that are filled with sugar

We all need to get a lot of liquids in every day to help our circulation, digestion, and other vital functions. It is tempting to fulfill this need through the consumption of sugary drinks such as bottled juices, iced teas, sodas, and the like. While these can perk us up right away, they can also cause us to experience the dreaded sugar crash a bit later. Too much of them can contribute to the build-up of fat stores in our body. Be sure to drink primarily plain water throughout the day. If you are partial to fruit juice, then just make some at home to guarantee that there will be no added sugar in it.

2. Staying up late at night for various reasons

Sleeping for at least 8 hours every night is ideal. As much as possible, this should be on a regular schedule in keeping with the body’s circadian rhythm. This will provide us with restful sleep that will may us feel refreshed and energized the next day. Try not to let anything interrupt this cycle. A few hours before your bedtime, do not do things that will keep you awake such as playing a game on your phone or console, binge-watching television shows, surfing the Internet, getting engrosses in social media, staying out late with friends, working on papers, eating something sweet, and so on.

3. Dealing with a lot of mental and emotional stress

Factors that influence health are not limited to the physical. A lot of times, mental and emotional stress can drastically affect our well-being. If you are dealing with problems at work, in the family, or with friends, then you may not be able to take good care of yourself. Some people are unable to eat and sleep well. They forget to do the little things that matter. Stress also releases hormones that are not good for the body. You may become lethargic and distracted. As much as you can, reduce the stressors in your life so that you can focus on the things that truly matter.

4. Exercising at a high intensity all the time

In our eagerness to make progress, we may do things that actually hold us back rather than push us forward. Some athletes try to go at a high intensity every training day in the hopes of breaking a time barrier or break a previous personal record. This is a big mistake as the body is likely to break down in the process. Even elite athletes know that they need to temper their training so that their bodies can absorb the load. High-level runners, for instance, only train at elevated intensity about 20% of the time while the 80% is spent on easy runs. If they pushed themselves with speed-work and hill reps every day, they’ll end up injured and unable to go to the starting line.

5. Not having enough rest between sessions

Rest is just as important as physical activity. Strike a balance between the two and you will get the results you want. Favor one or the other too much and you will take longer to reach your goals. You may even go backward instead of forward because of an injury. Rest is crucial as it gives the body a chance to recover from the physical stress and repair the muscles. It will get stronger as long as it is able to recover well with enough sleep, soothing massage, and the right nutrition.

6. Latching onto the latest diet fads

Speaking of nutrition, one of the worst things you can do is to get obsessed with the latest diet fads. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it actually works. Most of it is just marketing hype. Businesses want to push products on the market so that they could make millions. If you want to lose weight, then consult your doctor or a nutritionist. Tell them about your struggles, personal habits, chronic diseases, challenges, and long-term goals. They will be able to craft a plan that will help you reach these goals slowly but surely.

7. Eating at fast-food chains on a regular basis

It is much better if you could prepare your own meals at home as you will be able to control everything that goes into the food from ingredients to the portions. Check out healthy recipes online for guidance. Look up metabolic cooking and see how it might help you improve your calorie burn. Find expert tips on cooking meal plans.

7 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Shopping online has become the most convenient and preferred way to shop these days. You don’t need to waste any gas to get to the mall on Friday. You don’t have to get out of bed on Saturday and you don’t even have to get out of your sweats. Yes… all in all, shopping online is pretty sweet.

If you love shopping online as much as the rest of the world, here are 7 easy ways to save money when shopping online…

Check multiple coupon sites often
There is a bevy of online coupon code sites that can help you to save big on an order at your favorite store. In fact, you may want to shop around a little on several coupon shopping sites to be sure that you are finding the best deal available.

Some coupon site companies are offered direct codes from the brand itself that are specific to the one coupon site you may be visiting. Thus, if you can find one of these special codes, you may be able to save much more than at any other coupon code company. Meanwhile, other coupon code sites work differently by offering you a percentage of your money back for using their coupon site. You do not reap the savings instantly, however.

Do not get frustrated when some codes do not work
Not all coupon sites are updated regularly. Much more also allow anonymous users to upload coupon codes on their own without verification. While many of these codes are from well-meaning shoppers who DO have a working code, some codes that are uploaded may be fakes. The only way to really know for certain if a code is real is to try the code for yourself. However, some sites have space beneath posted codes where users can announce if a code worked for them or not. This can help you to narrow down which codes are worth trying and which are best left where they are.

Sign up for as many brand email lists as you can think of
Brands LOVE it when you sign up for their email list because it is essentially free advertising for the brand. For this reason, they will make sure to send you every single sale announcement available. While it can begin to flood your inbox if you let it – it can be totally worth it if you can tolerate all the junk mail. Aside from these daily sales announcements… you will also receive unique savings codes for simply being an email subscriber. Although many of these codes expire quite quickly, if you act fast, you can save quite a bit of money from email codes alone.

Create accounts at your favorite stores and make sure to fill out your information in entirety
Though it takes extra time to fill out saved information on your online brand account, if you do, the company will know your birthday and make use of it. They can then send you special birthday offers through the mail or directly to your email box. Some of these coupons are even good for an entire month which is quite a long time for a coupon code in most cases.

Shop wholesale. It takes a little searching… but it works!
While there are not many wholesale shopping sites out there just yet, the number of these sites are growing. Shopping wholesale can help you to save HUGE and use what you save on other things like accessories or special outings with the family.

Check online reviews before shopping: They can save you money in the long run
Sites like http://www.salehoo.reviews can help you to decide if the merchandise you are considering buying is well worth it. In fact, today’s consumer relies more on online reviews than they do advertising. So if you are planning an online shopping outing, be sure to check out several reviews first.

Stay on the lookout for free shipping offers
You can save a large percentage on your order by taking advantage of shipping offers. In order to catch them, you have to watch for them because sometimes these free shipping offers come along as “flash sales” that only last for a couple of hours. Around the holidays especially you can find several free shipping offers… and usually they are for any order size. This alone can help you to save BIG… especially if you are making a small order.

Shopping online is a convenient way to shop for the things that you need. While it can take a little time and a little digging to come up with ways to save on your orders if you take the time to do the research you will come away with a ton of savings that you can use for future shopping excursions.

Piano For All Is A Great Way To Learn

Pianoforall – Get a Piano for all Review
PianoForAll is a great way to learn how to play the piano without the massive headache of learning how to play the piano in person. PianoForAll is geared specifically for the beginner and intermediate pianist and includes jazz, pop, ragtime, and the blues as well as ballads. It is also a great refresher course.

The program is an excellent tool to learn how to play the piano and is a great way to build confidence in the learned skills that accompany learning the course. It is very straightforward and convenient to follow and will get its students playing the piano in no time.

The Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano
Learning to play the piano comes with many benefits both mentally and physically. There are even numerous scientific studies that prove playing the piano is good for a person’s well-being and health. It doesn’t matter when an individual learns how to play, and it is beneficial just to learn to play an instrument. It is also a great way to channel built-up tension and stress.

Playing the piano is linked to increased cognitive development, and many studies show that music stimulates the brain where other activities fail to do so. The neurological pathways that are developed and connected while playing the piano can be applied in many other areas of life such as science, math, and even engineering.

Hand-eye coordination is improved and developed while playing and reading sheet music and sight reading drills enhance coordination. Fine motor skills are developed, and the dedication required to stick with learning to play the piano helps to develop discipline. It takes a certain amount of dedication to master the craft of learning to play an instrument, and it can be a gratifying experience.

PianoForAll makes it possible for anyone to learn to play the piano. With the guided lesson plans it is possible to learn and master the fine art of piano playing in a matter of months rather than years. The course is designed so its scholars can learn at their own pace and can even review areas that are more difficult if needed. It comes with 200 video piano lessons and 500 audio piano lessons and works on virtually any device. It works on iPads and iPhones, too, so it’s easy to learn on the go.

The Many Benefits of Music
Music has been found by researchers to have many great benefits. Music has been linked to relieving pain, especially in intensive care, and geriatric care. Music can also motivate people to exercise harder and longer while they listen to their favorite tunes. Listening to music after a workout has even been shown to boost recovery.

Music has been linked to improving sleep quality, and music such as classical music can help to treat insomnia in many people. Music has been shown to help people to consume less by helping diners to slow down and enjoy their meals more.

Music enhances blood vessel function by making people feel happier. This helps to increase blood flow and can also help to reduce stress. Music can induce a meditative state and set the mood. It also helps people to perform better in high-stress conditions.

Listening to calming music has a direct influence on mood and is a great stress-reliever. Listening to calming music while driving, especially in congested conditions, can significantly improve the mood of the drivers and even the passengers. Music has been known to help many people to cope with stressful situations and to get through rough times. Most people have a favorite song, and the blues are well known to help its listeners to feel better when in a down mood.

The Lost Art of Piano Playing
Unfortunately, piano playing has become somewhat of a lost art, and fewer and fewer people know how to play these days. With all the technology, apps, and downloadable music, it has become replaced by pre-recorded tunes and has become somewhat forgotten. It’s important to keep it alive by learning to play and by teaching others how to play.

Playing the piano extends far beyond mastering a new skill. It comes with its fair share of challenges, but it brings great joy and happiness to all who hear it. It is an enjoyable hobby that is incredibly rewarding. It isn’t necessary to own a piano, even a keyboard will suffice and will fit into most budgets. It is a great investment and will bring many hours of enjoyment.

No matter the reason to learn to play the piano or any other musical instrument, the benefits are seemingly endless, and it is well worth the effort to be able to learn and to share such a unique talent.

Woodworking Hobby Or Profession For Profits

DIY enthusiasts, crafters, amateurs, and professional wood craftsmen should sit back and do a review of Wood Profits. If their hobby or professional wood project can make them in cold hard cash. There are many ways to make money with the projects you make. Online sales have rocketed for artisan wood crafted products. If you do not have a brick and mortar operation, Flea Markets have seen an upsurge of hand crafted wares because of various shows featuring Flea Markets and vendors. Word of mouth also can set you up with a steady stream of money you never knew you could make on something you may have thought of a hobby.

DIY Enthusiast

Do It Yourself-ers that fix and build dream furniture they just dreamt up that works may find that their friends also think this was a good design and looks great. If you have a project in mind you can probably find basic design plans online. So as not to reinvent the wheel use the plans and put in your unique point of view on the design and finish stage. What starts as a hobby can really bring in extra cash for that vacation you always wanted. Once your family and friends see your completed project you may be getting special orders for one just like yours.


Crafters are creating some of the most ingenious projects seen in years. With the surge of sites like Pinterest wooden wreaths, wooden pallet furniture, outdoor garden boxes, birdhouses and so much more ideas are listed on this particular site many times with directions for the project at no cost. Many crafters by pass the cutting out wood stage and purchase wooden cut outs or already assembled shell of a project that needs light or very little assembly. Birdhouses, Wooden boxes that can transform into jewel box or photo storage box, lighthouses, and coat racks are just a few of the shell project you can purchase already assembled. The crafter is into the painting and decoration that make this project one of a kind and marketable.


If you are new to woodworking some of the beginning projects like a cutting board, wooden storage boxes, wall hangings. Depending on if you also want to get into wood carving projects you may want to take some beginning woodworking classes. These classes begin with a basic history of wood, types of wood, tools you will need, and how to safely use tools. There are many books on the market for wood working projects, going to a bookstore and browsing through the Wood making section is a good idea. You may want to find an author that speaks your language. Some authors may be a little too technical for your liking, other may be too simplistic, and it will all depend on where you are with your experience as to what book is right for you.

Professional wood craftsmen

Professional Wood Craftsmen usually fall into the furniture making areas. Many make tables, chairs, hutches, bedroom furniture and more. If you are an individual professional craftsman selling through local furniture or online stores would be the direction you may want to take, unless you own your own shop and sell out of there. Online sales can be difficult because of shipping costs, but once you work out that detail your review of Wood Profits can be very lucrative. If you are at this stage of woodworking chances are you should have a business plan in place to help guide you on this journey.

What tools do I need may be the big question mark in your head, especially if you are new to this business.

The DIY Enthusiast needs some of the basics in tools. A circular saw and or a table saw, a drill and various drill bits and hole boring bits, a drill/driver, a sander a jigsaw and a good hammer or a compressor with a nail driving option. Also, a little wood glue or liquid nails will help in the long run. These basic tools can get you started, but screwdrivers, clamps and painting essentials for when you are in the home stretch to finish your project off will be needed.

Crafters favorite tools are mini hammers and glue, lots of glue if you are assembling the project. Pre-assembled projects require all the finishing touches that will include paint, several different types of brushes, decals, and special decorations to complete the look you are going for (Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, or special occasion decorations).

Amateur and Professional woodworkers need all the tools the DIY Enthusiast uses in addition to that need a better table saw, a lathe, band saw, coping saw, T-square and lots of clamps. Depending on your project you could need some additional items.

It is amazing, a review of Wood Profits and projects that can make you money if you open your mind to the possibilities. Full time or part-time hobbyists turn your love into wood profits.

A Beautiful Image of Some Crystalline Waterways & Manatees

Thanks for your visit to Surfbwa.org – we love water! I am just finishing up getting this website built up, and of course as you might imagine, I’m going to talk some about water. Water can be wild (think big surf and whitewater), and naturally it can be dangerous for those unprepared for it, but it can also be soothing and calm (think gorgeous lakes on a really calm day, or the ocean on a day so calm that paddle boarders feel like they’re on a lake). Also, flowing rivers where you can just get into a big ol’ inner tube and lazily float for a couple hours until you reach the take out, where your car is parked and waiting.

As you probably guessed, I like water. But honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to just talk about water. There are plenty of other things on my mind. I just happened to see some manatees recently, and I was so impressed at the gorgeous water they were hanging out in, so I wanted to share this picture of them at the St. John river in Florida at Blue Spring State Park. These animals are so calm and gentle, and don’t have a single predator.

I would like to remind my boating friends to be extremely cautious when they are traveling in the areas where these gentle marine animals live because it’s the boaters that seem to be causing the most injuries and deaths to the manatee.

Sorry for rambling – that happens with me sometimes. I’ll be back soon. Welcome!